Island Connect II – 2023 to 2026

We are delighted to announce that the Island Connect project is back for another three years. More details to follow soon.

Island Connect ToolKit

The Island Connect project learnt a lot from our experiences, and hopefully the artists did too! Below is a collection of our articles and documents about the project.

Island Connect 2020-2022

This iteration of Island Connect ended on the 30th November 2022. Thank you to Creative Europe and all of our partners across five countries who helped make this possible. Thank you to all of the artists for participating and sharing their work with us. We are in the...

BIRCA Culture Week Festival

Within the Culture week at BIRCA, in the afternoon and evening of 21st of September 2022, a wonderful program of 5 performances created within Island Connect will be shown. The program features two final productions from Island Connect – last year’s...