This call was for 1 performing arts creator from each of our regions to attend a joint co-creation residency on the island of Bornholm June 17th-23rd 2024. The residency will be hosted by BIRCA and facilitated by BIRCA’s director Susanne Danig in collaboration with Danish-based performance maker Ilon Lodewijks.

We’re pleased to announce the artists selected from each country.

Charlotte De Casanova

Charlotte de Casanova is an actress, director and author, she directs the art collective “A Funicella” in Corsica 

Instagram: @charlotte_de_casanova

Kristina Pongrac

Kristina is a transdisciplinary artist from the Amazon of Europe, working on site-specific social and environmental topics with an interactive sensory approach.

#kristinapong #kipongart #kristinapongart

Ilon Lodewijks

(NL/ DK) Performancemaker who works site-specific and/or with formats that eliminates the distance between the audience and the stage. you can tag me as ilonlodewijks. Ilon Lodewijks is a Dutch performancemaker based in Denmark. She works at the intersection of performance arts & social engagement. The foundation of her artistic practice is encounters between people; she stages these encounters both in the creation process and in the eventual work. Ilon sees her practice as a vehicle to ask questions about what matters in our time. What does it mean to be alive today? She works site-specific and in public space and/or with formats that eliminates the distance between the audience and the stage.

Emma Lohan

My name is Emma Lohan and I am a songwriter, collaborator, musician and performer experimenting with and inspired by the world around me.

Instagram: @emmalohanmusic

Albert Herranz

I work basically from Mallorca. I am a writer, screenwriter, and translator. I have worked as a scriptwriter for comics, documentaries, and films. I have published several books of poetry, novels, and essays. In recent years I have been working around the island as a measure of reality. For more information you can visit me on social networks or on my website. #gatamoix #islandfromthesea #albertherranzhammer

Marta Pala

I am a performing artist with a visual education background and I work as atelierista in art education projects with children and teenagers.

Instagram: @spazio_per_aria

Héctor Gardez

Filmmaker, performer and interdisciplinary researcher. In his searches are the reltionship between the body nd territory and the island identity from the Canarian experience with a decolonial and queer perspective.

Instagram: @hector: gardez