This call was open to artists or groups/companies of up to 3 artists. Each artist/group will receive 2 weeks of residency in their country of origin or domicile. They will then be sent to a partner country for a further 2 weeks of residency.

We’re pleased to announce the artists selected from each country.

Sara Reyes

Sara Reyes is a researcher in philosophy and a movement artist/dancer. She is interested in practising a dance-oriented philosophy, by articulating and intertwining those two and nourishing her dance practice as a source of reflection and creative possibilities. 

Instagram: @arasrar

Nanna Koppel & Marco Colocci

Nanna Koppel, an interdisciplinary actor and performer from Denmark, is also a co-founder of the activistic performance project HI DAD.

Marco Colocci, alias Queimada, is an Italian sound artist based in Berlin whose work sonically focuses on melted-down samples and field recordings.

Instagram: @ppelnannakoppel

Joan Miquel Artigues

A creator and performer, with Mareperla he combines his interest in the sociology of art and his experience as a performing artist. B. Creator and performer, graduate in sociology with experience in creating space, sound, light, and video designs. Joan Miquel Artigues was born in Mallorca in 1981. He is an actor and creator, graduated in sociology, and trained as an actor in Barcelona. He has extensively worked in audiovisual fiction as well as in physical and text theater. Simultaneously, he has carried out stage designs for various productions, including space, sound, and video, along with numerous assistant director roles and some directorial positions. As a creator of his own projects, notable pieces include Remor, Amarats, and the Jonàs Project.

Instagram: @joanmiquelartigues

Facebook: joanmiquelartigues


Lauriane Goyet,Delphine Ciavaldini, & Simone Grenier

Lauriane Goyet is a french director, author and actor. She lives and works in Corsica.

instagram: @acrobaticamachina

Facebook : Acrobatica Machina facebook

Delphine Ciavaldini is a french set and costume designer who works in Corsica.

Instagram: @delphineciavaldini

Simone Grenier is a British-Corsican actor. She lives and works in Corsica.

Instagram: @simonegrenier_

Nikolinanina akrobat

Nikolina Komljenović is a performer, contemporary dancer, choreographer, aerialist, pedagogue and producer of the Experimental Free Scene Association (ekscena).

Instagram: @nikolinanina_akrobatnikolinanina_akrobat

Julie O’Connell Kent

Julie is an aerial artist who finds grounded movement up in the air, who performs and teaches both in Ireland and internationally.

Instagram: @abs0lutelygorgeous

Enrico Malatesta

Enrico Malatesta is an Italian percussionist and sound researcher active in the fields of experimental music, sound intervention, and performance; his practice explores the relations between sound, space, and body, and the vitality of materials and the morphology of surfaces, with particular attention to percussive acts and modes of listening. Since 2007, Enrico Malatesta has presented his works on tours across Europe, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, the UK, USA and Russia, participating in festivals and special events in venues such as Pirelli HangarBicocca in Milan, Berghain in Berlin, the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, Blank Forms in New York.

Instagram: @_enricomalatesta_