The Secret Garden is the title of a participatory site-specific performance for young audiences over the age of 12 developed by Irma Unušić, Sabrina Fraternali and Anna Javoran. Having the connection of the individual to their environment in mind, the performance offers a search for the genius loci, the good spirit of the place. This search aims to restore harmony and a favorable flow of energy to a space that has maybe become uninteresting, unproductive and boring for its daily inhabitants.

Anna Javoran acquired her BA in Contemporary Dance at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb and has since worked as a dancer, choreographer and movement director. She is mainly interested in authorial work that diminishes the boundaries between genres of the performing arts and is currently an MA student of Performance dramaturgy.

Sabrina Fraternali studied Dance and Choreography in Turin and Milan and holds a Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature. She currently works as a choreographer, actress and performer. She develops dance and community dance programs for kids and youngsters.

Irma Unušić is a dance artist interested in making for young audiences, including intergenerational and participative formats. Backgrounds in pre-school education and cultural anthropology influence her artistic activity. She works on bringing dance to small areas, towns and villages to humans no matter the age, background or abilities they have.