The Creative EU-funded project ISLAND CONNECT will support 7 performing arts projects from Croatia, Denmark, Ireland, Greece and Spain in 2022. This support will be dispersed via granting residencies and the “Island Connect SpringLab” in Athens (Greece), a 5-day workshop in April 2022 with the aim to provide the companies with tools for development, creativity and sustainability of their artistic projects. ISLAND CONNECT’s goal is to support and assist artistic creation and the mobility of artists. The 2022 call for residencies received 74 applications.

The 7 granted companies are:

  • Danae Wollen & Samuel Arnold Keane (IE) – residency at ENTROPIA (Naxos, Greece). Project: “Where Seaweed Dances”.
  • Antoinette Helbing & Birgitte Skands (DK) – residency in Cres (Croatia).  Project: “The Laughing Crowd”.
  • Cecilie Schyth Kjær & Marcus Alexander Roydes (DK) – residency at C.IN.E. Sineu (Mallorca, Spain).  Project: “Ode To Y2k”.
  • Anna Javoran, Irma Unusic & Sabrina Fraternali (HR) – residency at BIRCA (Bornholm, Denmark).  Project: “The Secret Garden”.
  • Mak Murtić, Marta Kolega & Filip Borelli (HR) – residency at ENTROPIA (Naxos, Greece).   Project: “Medzotermina”.
  • Marilén Ribot Estelrich (ES) – residency at IACC (Limerick, Ireland).  Project: “Open Armour”.
  • Androniki Marathaki, Natalia Manta & Elton Petri (GR) – residency at IACC (Limerick, Ireland).  Project: “The Lure of Feeling”.

The residencies will take place in the five islands (Bornholm, Cres, Ireland, Naxos and Mallorca) at different times throughout 2022. The 7 companies will develop their projects during a 2-week residency in their own country and a second 2-week residency in the partner country, flights & coaching/mentorship included. The supported artists distinguish themselves by the richness and originality of their artistic approaches, as well as their aim to experiment. This way, the Island Connect Program acknowledges talent, innovation and creativity, supporting the next generation of artists.

The ISLAND CONNECT program not only supports new emerging companies of the 5 countries, but also encourages artists’ interaction with the island area and community. Specific community members are contacted to spend a day with the artist on an island field trip exchanging experiences, practices and reflections. Other public activities are artists’ work-in-progress presentations organised at the end of each residency and presentations of finished works of selected artistic companies in partners festivals. All presentations are followed by an artist-audience feedback session.

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