A boat held in the sway of time, anchored, adrift. Medea returns from death to re-present her story. A ritual journey that aims at collective healing: the community of the victims is the same as the one that unites the victim to the executioner. Those who pity Medea, who do not forgive her, will return to the starting point and will trace a spiral.

This is the main topic of the piece that the company LA CONTRAPIEL Teatro will work on during the Island Connect Residency. This Majorcan group, led by Sara Sánchez, was born with the need to reinvent, to oxygenate, to dream a theater: visceral, visual, and physical. Betting on performance: Back to the origin of the game and the ritual from creations that dialogue with new media, inhabiting unconventional spaces and creating synergies with artists from other fields that are not exclusively from the scenic universe. With the intention of shaking the spectator towards an active reflection… They will be creating on the island of Naxos, in Greece.