“I wonder if we are not on the path towards a Great World War over Water”, Pope Francis, Seminar on the Human Right to Water, 2017.

Water appears to be unlimitedly available in Europe; the fear of drought and thirst is nearly unknown. The production “War on Water” shall contrast the fascination and beauty of water itself with the scientific facts that evidence how neglectful our society treats this vitally important common good. An international team of artists will start in May in Cres (Croatia) this theatrical expedition, aiming at forming the results of their explorations into a multi-media and multi-lingual drama, exploring movement, dance, theatre and audiovisuals.

Teatre BLAU is an artistic international network based in Majorca and Germany. The first project of the collective was “Voices of Damascus” (2018), which examined the city of Damascus through five art forms: drama, dance, music, painting, photography and film. In May 2018, teatreBLAU participated in INCART (Majorca) with a dance performance which was a collaboration with Harake Dance Company/Berlin. In 2019 the dance performance “Las Hermanas Verán” was produced in collaboration with the Andrea Cruz Company and the Teatre Principal de Palma. In 2020 they started the international dance and video project Close up/Zoom out, which has been produced in collaboration with the Kleist Forum in Frankfurt, the C.IN.E. in Mallorca and the T-Werk in Potsdam. The team of Close up/Zoom out was invited to develop an educational week at the Ciclop – Festival de Teatre Visual de Sineu and is also working in digital theatre and workshops though different projects.
Udruga Domino
Pic credit: Santiago Stankovic Fotografía