WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? is the title of this work in progress

Performers are hanging in the air on the ropes above the audience. The audience lies comfortably on the floor. Bodies are creating one unidentified object. Around them are different objects and surfaces suspended on different levels. The idea starts from the experience of a touch — which has brought us to extremes: of understanding, sensing and needing it in context of today. This project is about the continuity of connection between various surfaces, modelling materials and/or elements that can be touched, remade and reshaped to make a new context for action. We want to work on fragility, uncertainties and to practice flexibility towards different surroundings and inclusivity. We would work to investigate and highlight our differences as individuals in terms of bodies, backgrounds and environment towards acceptance of those differences; simultaneously revealing the inevitability of togetherness and collaboration as primary conditions for the existence of the individual element.

Nikolina Komljenović has a master’s degree in art history and comparative literature. She is a professional contemporary dancer, choreographer, aerialist, pedagogue and producer of the ekscena Association. With her work and the work of other authors, she has toured around the world. As a performer and co-author, she participated in the work of Croatian and foreign visual artists and curated exhibitions. Nikolina has been teaching since the age of 19, working as a synchronised swimming coach, pedagogue of dance, circus, drama and physical theatre workshops. She is a member of the supervisory boards of the Professional Association of Dance Artists Croatia and the Association of Shadow Casters and a member of the Croatian Association of Independent Artists. She is the founder of the circus group S.VILA.

Irma Unušić graduates at Franjo Lučić Art High School in contemporary dance department. She is educator, choreographer and performer in field of contemporary dance. She shows her first choreographic work at Platforma.hr festival (2013) within the project TASK. She founded SHOOMA art organisation in 2017, whose main goal is to create interdisciplinary and innovative artistic content for young audience with emphasis on interactive models. Another field of interest is inclusive dance so she collaborates with IMRC (Inclusive Movement Research Collective). She strongly focuses on developing dance theatre for young audiences by participating in several regional and domestic projects (Generator, Kliker, Teen Generator). Astronauts (2018) is the first play for children in SHOOMA production. Irma works in the field of popularising contemporary dance in the area of Bjelovar and the county with diverse programmes. She holds a bachelor degree in pre-school education and a master degree in cultural anthropology.