Something was pushing to breathe, to take shape. Occasioned by a song. “Antonis the boatman” by M. Vamvakaris. A ceremony set up with the aim of initiating the human, whose nature is male, into nature, which is female. A female figure who tries to reconstruct her memory, recomposing the song. Carmen who sings / Mora who remembers. Always having as vehicle the theatrical act, the group attempts to envision a transformation that will take place in the present time, though the final form remains a secret to us. We are, however, invited to unite the moment of the transformation’s conception with the moment of its first breath. Techniques used by the group in the past, are enriched, deepened and lead them to new ones, which are yet to be explored.

Konstantinos Pavlidis is a mixed media artist, graduate of the School of Fine Arts of the University of Thessaloniki, who has exhibited his work at the international centre GLO’ART in Belgium. He mainly focuses on performance and installations, while in sculpture he engages with soft materials, such as wood, creating compositions with abstract tendencies.

Andreas Konstantinou studied Social Work in Crete and graduated from the National Theatre of Greece Drama School. He works as an actor, performer and musician in Greece and abroad (Germany, France, Luxemburg, Spain, Poland, Cyprus, Iran, India). He is the founder of the artistic group θΘ (thetaTHETA).

Costis Kontos is an electronic music composer and sound designer with a PhD in Music Composition from the University of Birmingham (UK). In addition to his personal work, he has participated in various theatrical and cinematic projects.

As part of the group θΘ (thetaTHETA) the three artists have created the theatre performances “Francis Bacon Project” presented at the UKYA festival in Nottingham, “Project Bacchae” presented in Thessaloniki, Athens, Crete and Elefsina and “Moth” presented at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.