Through aerial arts and video projection, we place our universe on the wall, creating an island that can move in size and location. We intend to create a unique ecosystem that can include audiences in its perimeter and make them part of an island ecosystem.

Lalla la Courr and Eivind Øverland are who we are and trapeze of all kinds is what we do: Duo, solo, static, and swinging. And exploring all kinds of aerial opportunities. We are on a joyous mission to explore what we can do with our bodies, and what we can make our audience feel. We push our artistic expression, the format of our art form, as well as our physique and level of skill just a little bit further. Together we are Lalla and The Amazing Other.

Norwegian Eivind Øverland, coming from the world of martial arts, moved into the field of contemporary circus. Studying in Norway, Denmark and Montreal. He went through his education pushing boundaries and wowing the established circus community. From specializing in duo trapeze, with a flyer taller than himself to inventing a new trapeze, now being researched by more and more artists around the world. After graduating from École Nationale de Cirque in 2015, he started collaborating with Lalla la Cour, founding the duo The Amazing Other. Working for larger theater production, german variete or co-producing contemporary circus shows, people fall in love with the unique expression Eivind brings to all parts of his versatile repertoire. Always combining as much of his favored things into each project he joins, bringing stage fight, strapeze, duo trapeze, dance and theatre to a party of performative expression.

Lalla la Cour grew up in Denmark, where she quickly became interested in theatre and dance. She fell in love with the circus at AFUK in Denmark and went on to complete a BA honors in swinging trapeze at National Center for Circus Arts in London, 2010. She created her own company, Borderline Cirkus, which toured Scandinavia and Greenland, 2011-2014. She then decided to go freelance and worked as a performing circus artist, festival arranger and trapeze teacher internationally. She also worked for Clowns Without Borders in Uganda and Sweden, and was the daily manager of the circus department of Kulta in Norway. In 2015 she started working with Eivind Øverland and they formed the duo The Amazing Other. With their two full shows and “The High Life” and “The Low Life” plus their variety of acts they have toured the world always looking for new adventures.