The Irish artists Christopher McAuley and Emmen Jude Donnelly will be working on their show “Boys, like us” in Cres, Croatia, thanks to the Island Connect Residency.

A tentative waltz between two male performers, “Boys, like us” addresses the physical characteristics presumed of males and aspects of habitual binary conditioning. This project is an ambitious insight into their individual experiences as men explored through an introspective narrative with an immersive display of physicality through circus disciplines.

Christopher McAuley

Christopher, 28 years old and weighing a whopping 58kg, began his circus adventures in Northern Ireland in a social circus direction. Now having devoted 4 years to Codarts University, Rotterdam, Christopher has graduated as an award-winning aerialist and has begun his search for rigging points throughout UK and Ireland. Lover of all things nerdy and absurd, he likes to incorporate his queer identity into his work in an array of styles. Having worked internationally on a variety of creative projects showcased in solo and group performances, Christopher is ready for his next adventure.

Emmen Jude Donnelly

Emmen is a consummate aerial performer and credited circus mentor. His diverse practices strike a balance between the understanding of physicality & an unabashed sense of whimsy, layered with the experienced handling of their technique. His work takes a confident creative stride towards exploring new methodology with aerial and acrobatics, unashamed of his fierce playfulness and untamed curiosity. Emmen cuts an impressive physical presence on stage and is highly respected for the use of his studious and personable creative skills.